(2014 -2018)
Gloomy cold days of late autumn are often related to melancholy: the mood of sadness and deep silence. The ground welcomes the last fallen leaves. Faded grass, empty fields, and bare trees show no sign of vivid colors. The monochrome palette is dominant. Days become shorter; air - colder. Nature stays in a melancholic mood, performing its simple harmony.
Tranquility of this season is captivating. The foggy mornings invite one to plunge into it to see the trees’ gradual disappearance into a light grey shroud of fog. The vast colorless sky is endless until the wind brings intense clouds to add drama to the plain scenery. Twisted bare branches of lonely trees create visible perfection of forms, while a transparent forest opens up its hidden depth. Time is fleeting. Feel the air and listen to the silence...
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