(2013 - 2015)
Snow quietly falls on the ground. Frost covers branches of the trees in grey. Every blade of grass sways in the cold air. At times, the calm is changed by a harsh blizzard: a howling wind flings icy flakes and heaps the snow in deep drifts. Then, it is gone. It leaves silence and a white veil behind - fluffy, light, and airy. Rare fog wraps around everything, leaving the delicate contours of the trees barely visible. An occasional sound of passing flocks of wintering birds breaks stillness of short days. Winter...
Each winter day is a brief winter story. The story is about the mood the day brings. Behold monochrome sketches drawn by snow. Imagine bare branches of the trees perform their elegant dance in the open air. Find lonely trees in gusts of twisting, rushing snow. Feel an almost visual whisper among the fleeting winter fog that merges with a white blanket of snow. It says that nature sleeps in the winter time, but for certain, it continuously captivates by its endless performance.
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