(2015 - present)
Above the street level, away from activity and noise, the city opens its pure geometry: verticals, diagonals, angles, or parallels. Together, they form a certain design and architectural style. Downtown Chicago contains a wide range of buildings that vary in size and form. They stand in straight lines or juxtapose each other, creating a compression of structures. The labyrinths of the towering sky buildings and tight spaces between them make the city scale impressive.
A closer look reveals windows as a key element. One by one, they shape the walls of the structures. Their rectangular or square outlines create repetitive rhythmic or broken patterns. The windows reflect surroundings, making visual layers, and keep the unknown behind. They shine in sunlight and stay dark in deep shadows. From a functional to an aesthetic aspect, in combination with a variety of architectural ideas, the windows help to form the entire urban view.
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